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by | Oct 16, 2017 | Online Marketing, Websites

Local Website Companies vs Local Shoppers

There is a big difference between just making a ‘sale’ and providing the right service for the right client. From the many years of collective experience within the advertising and media industry, it seems there are less and less businesses these days who seem to care about the reasons behind the customer’s inquiry which is the secret to establishing a happy, long term client relationship and/or repeat business. This is of course even more relevant in some smaller, close knit communities, like here on the South Coast, Nowra and surrounds.

For example, if a local client is after a website, more often than not, it’s not the website that is the most important marketing instrument, it is the business the customer is hoping the website will bring, therefore, the website is only a small part of the inquiry. Finding the best way for local customers to find the new website is probably more important.

A $1000 website in front of the right people will do more business than a $10,000 website that can’t be found. Some advertising companies like to put on a big charade to camouflage themselves as industry experts. If you are a small business or company, ask more questions with your potential clients, look after and train your staff, be a leader in your industry. If you’re a customer, don’t be fooled by bright colours and fancy lights, do your research and find the right business who understands why you are shopping in the first place.

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